Peeking at Unreal and skills to develop

I’ve been coding in Basic, C, C++, C#, Cobol, Pascal, Prolog, Delphi, Java, Smalltalk and loads of scripting languages over the years. It seems my curiosity about Unreal Engine is going to make me return to C++ and to try out Blueprints and visual scripting too. I really like the architecture of the engine and since I purchased my Synty Studio assets from their shop instead of inside the Unity Asset store I have the luxury of having access to those models in both engines.

This spring is however mosty a form of boot camp for William, who is hoping to go from taking individual courses at the University to going all in for a three to four year program. He did learn HTML, JS, CSS, Java and C# in highscool but since he did not spend much time using his skills after those courses he sort of has to start over, just not from a complete beginner. Seems a bit like with me and C++ that I haven’t touched for at least a decade. Then again, for William his main passion is level design and coding might not ever get close to become a passion in the same way. It’s still a good skill to have as a level designer and it sure helps if you work as a team leader if you have at least a basic understanding of what your team members do.

I’ll definitely be testing Unreal this year. For now though, I’ll be working on the skill sets that I’ve yet to learn or improve – such as modelling, rigging, animating, texture painting to become less dependent on external assets and on learning how to implement stuff…

It’s like “Oh, so you can make a standard character move from A to B while looking at the player”… great.

Checking the box – yep, I got the basics of rigging and importing external animations with Mixamo.

“… but what about creating new animations…”

Eh, not yet, but I have two assets that I hope will help me tweak stuff and some courses on modelling, rigging and animating stuff with Blender and DAZ that I think will be useful.

“Ok, well since you’re going to get there, what about creating your own explodable ragdolls with support for dismembering and runtime applied injuries?”

Nova, please add this to my bucket list!