Hello World!

Greetings and welcome to Golcher Gaming Studios.

We are creating games for entertainment, as well as for educational purposes. Until recently we were mainly developing our games using Krita, Blender, DAZ, Mixamo and Unity, but as many others we feel it’s time to diversify and include both Unreal and Godot.

It’s been a bad week for us since we’ve grown fond of the many ways that we’ve been able to extend the Unity editor with our own tools. We have purchased several assets that we’re now either forced to abandon or buy a second time for another platform. The changes Unity delivered this week will thus cost us time, money for retraining and trust.

Luckily we will be able to use our Synty assets – that we do love dearly – as the .fbx file format is supported in both Unreal and Godot.

Since we’re also doing simulations and some AI research work, that is not ever released as games but only use a 3D world as a training area, we’ll probably keep using Unity for those projects in order to not loose momentum.