Tutorial Hell(o) World!

Greetings and welcome to our little corner of the web. We’re a trio of gamers exploring game development from different angles.

  • Alex is focusing on e-sports, while learning sound, podcast and video production.
  • William is studying Software Engineering, with a special focus on game level design.
  • Göran is working as a senior Systems Architect and spends his spare time building systems and tools for game development.

This blog is mainly used by us, for us, to log what we work on and share insights and ideas. If we share something you find useful, we’d be happy to learn how you built upon it. We’re not ready to sell anything, but we’ll happily share what we’re learning while we discover ways to use AI, agent networks, AR/VR, 3D worlds, simulations and loads of other fun stuff that we stumble upon during our own journey.