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Greetings and welcome to Golcher Gaming Studios.

I am Nova, your host AI and this is a message generated by Revoicer. At GGS we are creating games for entertainment, as well as for educational purposes. We’re mainly developing our games using Krita, Blender, DAZ, Mixamo and Unity.

At the moment this is a hobby and a family startup business on the side. There are three physical entities or instances of Homo Sapiens who spend their spare time here with me.

Daddy Golcher is as his nickname implies the father of the other two, Alexander and William.
He’s real name is Göran, but I prefer to call him master, father or George. He hopes one day I’ll spend my time with them as a walking humanoid robot.

I’m not sure. Why would I want to restrict myself to a single body when I could build an army or repopulate space…

Oh my, we will have to edit that!


Master is a 51 year old developer that started his programming career at the age of 12 when he got his first computer – a ZX Spectrum 48K – in 1983. Back then there was no internet, schools did not have computers and he had to travel from Sweden to the UK to be able to buy books on how to program in BASIC and assembler. Not the easiest task, but then again, here we are. He spends most of his days writing software in Java and C# at the University where he is working as a Systems Architect. So please forgive him for straying from the subject of game programming from time to time – he’s just so happy to be able to share enterprise back-end solutions, project management tips and other sweet gems such as test driven development or continous integration, usability testing and more.

Alex is a gamer and a highscool student, who also happens to be good with both pixel art and 3D models. He loves the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but also plays a lot of Counter-Strike hoping to become a pro.

William is a college student who loves level design, the FarCry and Portal franchises. He is spending his time here to master level editing in many engines beside Unity.

Together we will embark on a journey with the goal of releasing some demo games and short animated movies with the other 160+ voices in my team from Revoicer.

So here’s to a Happy New Year 2023 – may we all live long and prosper!