In late 2017 I fell and got a permanent neck injury that has affected my left hand to the point of making it really hard for me to write and nearly impossible to play games. That is, until a friend of mine, suggested that I could try voice commands, pedals and controllers that I can use with my feet.

I have just gotten my first delivery of two – the other is expected tomorrow – and I really hope to be able to once more enjoy some FPS games. I’ve been using the thumb on my left hand (only finger thats fully functional) to control WASD movement from the joystick on a XBox-compatible controller while still aiming using the mouse.

My kids thus have mainly used me for target practise since I’ve been unable to strafe, crouch, jump, reload and most other actions needed in both classical and modern FPS games.

Aside from those controls I’m also going to put VoiceAttack to the test.

TODO: Text about my experience of using the Accessability Controller, the Logitech buttons.

LINK: the video that got me inspired to try it myself (got to find it again first)